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Year of birth:  




Panty size:

Shoe size: 




160 cm

56 kg

sportive, slim




Why I am selling worn underpants?

With my page I want to satisfy your and mine fetish. I can not wait to send you my worn panties with different specials and make your favorite piece to your personal toy!

This page I am running in my spare time. I am working full time. I like the digital world and also know a bit about it. One day I said to my self, why not make your own page to sell your worn panties. One thought and here we are! 

It might not be a common product to sell but I don't mind. You don't need to go with the flow all the times, right?

I started 2016, in a short period of unemployment, with this page where I can sell my worn panties and socks to people with this fetish.

That it will be such a success I did not expect! After all, around 2.5 years later I sold my 200th panty.

I am not offering a platform, where you can find panties of other women. I am the only one wearing the panties and trust me that will be enough ;-)

My products, strings, panties and socks will be adjusted to your wish. Only with a few clicks you can buy your panty with the wearing period and up to two specials of your choice.

For more information please click here

Discretion is very important to me! There is no chance for personal meetings. My face and my address and all other personal information remain hidden. There for the only payment options for now are Paypal and Credit card.

Further more I would like to inform you, that I live a healthy lifestyle. I do not have illnesses, I don't do drugs, I am eating healthy and do a lot of sports. Without problem you can sniff and lick my panties :-)

Click here to find more reasons why you should by the worn panties on my page. 

Are you convinced already? No need for you get to my shop!

If you don't want to buy a panty but you like my pictres you can send my a little donation. If you donate more than CHF 5.- I will send you an exclusive picture.

By the way no need to ask for nude pictures - boobs and pussy are out of bounds!

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