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1. Packaging and Shipping

Shipment to the DACH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) are free of charge and will be done by postal service.

  • Shipment within Switzerland with A-Post (1-2 days)

  • Shipment to Germany and Austria with per Priority (3-4 days)

The panties and socks will be packed in a hermetically sealed bag. That one will be shipped in a neutral envelop. I do not put any sender information. If you have a specials wish about how to ship your order please leave a message in the message box in the checkout or contact me before.






1a. What to do if I do not receive my article?

So far it happend once, that an order did not arrive. Please contact me in case it happens and we will find a solution.

1b. To which countries do you send your panties?

So far I had orders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Of course I will ship my panties to other countries as well. Please contact me in advance and we will find the appropriate shipping method in to your country.

2. Payment methods

To protect my privacy only the following payment methods are available:


Quick, easy, secure 

You do not have a PayPal account yet? Click here. Open an account and connect it easily with your bank account or credit card.


Uncomplicated payment by credit card. My page is SSL encrypted. That means your payment information are secure. More information about SSL encryption you find  here.



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Versand 2

3. Frequently asked questions

3a. What means 1 wearing day?

The duration of a day contains 24 hours (who had thought that :-D ). If you choose a product with a wearing duration of 3 days, it will be worn 72 hours.

The maximum of duration is 4 days. That has different reasons like hygienically. At one point also my body needs freshness and cleanness and it is simply not nice to wear anymore.

Further more I cannot fulfill other orders while I wear your panty hence the waiting time for other customers increase


3b. What specials do you offer and what do they mean?

These specials make your order to one of a kind. Your personal toys. I offer up to two specials. Please find the explanation for each one below:


During sports

As I do very intense workouts I really can recommend this special. I will wear your order during at least one hour of hard workout so the panties and socks will be amazingly juicy and sweaty. 



Either I do it with my hands or with a nice toy (no, they are not to sell). My favorite is Mr.SWOT :-) it brings me within seconds to my heaven. With this special the panties get a lot of nice juice.


Lipstick traces

I will paint my lips with some nice lipstick and give your panty a soft goodbye kiss


Golden Shower

With this special I take the panty at the end of the wearing period and put some drops of my pee on it.

You would like to have morning pee or other special wishes please leave a comment with your order.


Caviar lane

Your panty replaces my toilet paper. Please be aware that I do not have a big influence on color, amount and consistency. You can be sure that your panty kissed my sweet rosette

Please remember that my products are nature products and I only can take a certain amount of influence on color, amount and consistency. My cycle, good health play a big role on the result thus there can be discrepancy on different orders.

Here you find some finished orders:

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3c. How are the prices calculated?

Depending on how much I paid for the panty it affects the basic charge. The extra charge for the specials and the wearing duration are always the same. The source of my panties mostly are Zalando or H&M, like that I can keep the prices relativley low.

3d. Do I receive videos or pictures?

On request you receive a wearing picture additionally to your order. If you make a donation which is more than CHF 5.- you get an exclusive picture as well. Nude pictures or pictures of my face are a big no-go.

3e. Do you do special wishes?

Sure, I try to fulfill different kinds of specials wishes. If you wish something I do not offer please leave a message with your order. Even better please contact me in advance to make sure if I really can fulfill your wish so there is no disappointment if I cannot do it.

Get in touch with me


3f. Can I return or exchange the products?

No, both, a return or exchange, are not possible. Each product is worn specially on your requests thus each piece is one of a kind.


3g. How quick do I receive my order?

I really try to ship your order as soon as possible. It will take at least the amount of your required wearing days + 1 to 4 shipping days. It can happen that there will be a delay due to holidays, illness, menstruation or simply a big backlog of orders. If the delivery time exceed 10 shipping days I will inform you about the delay.

3h. How secure are my data and payment information?

My page is SSL encrypted. That means your data is safe. You can order your panty without any risk. Furthermore I use your data only for myself to send you a newsletter here and than. Your data is not given to third parties. If you require more information about SSL please find it here

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4. Onanie tax

Also if you do not want to buy panties I can imagine that some people spend some time on my page especially looking at my pictures and have some fun with them. That is not a problem but you should know that the maintenance of this page requires some (wo)menpower and money. With a small donation you can support my business without spending money for a panty.

Your karma and me will be happy and we thank you in advance :-)

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